At Ripley Dental we strongly believe that preventative care is the basis of a healthy mouth and as such encourage patients to come see us at least every 6 months for a comprehensive check-up, cleaning and if required fissure sealants, x-rays and fluoride treatment.

We recommend check-up appointments to detect problems before they cause much bigger issues which can be painful and costly to repair. For instance, precursors of gum disease, such as bleeding gums and bad breath, recognised and treated early can avoid future pain and tooth loss. Likewise, cavities identified and treated early can avoid future pain, need of root canal treatment or tooth removal.

At these check-up visits our Team at Ripley Dental will answer any questions and if required demonstrate proper oral hygiene techniques. Following these appointments, and if required, a detailed treatment plan with associated costs will be given to you.

Preventative Care | Ripley Dental